Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pinterest for Writers - How to Write

Pinterest, as it says on their website, is a virtual pinboard and I think that it can help a person know how to write.  Or at least improve their writing.  It is a great resource to help writers keep track of research and inspire stories!

There are so many things that I find online that might inspire my writing.  It could be a particular picture or maybe a quote or a possibly a poem.  There are several options available to a writer to keep track of all of these writing seeds. 

One options would be to print everything out and then keep information in different folders (done that), another option would be to post a link of it to my Facebook page (done that), still another option would be to tweet it, to email a link to it, to memorize it, or to use your digital camera and take a picture of it.  Unfortunately, while there are a lot of options, none of these tools are necessarily designed to be convenient for a writer. 

Pinterest looks like a tool that might be especially helpful to writers.  The following link is to a blog post by Tracey Neithercott.  She does a great job summarizing her experiences with Pinterest as a writer. 


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