Saturday, March 3, 2012

Human Race Never Happy About Climate

As is my routine on the typical Saturday morning, I pull out my favorite 1950 newspaper for a perusal of the daily headlines.  Here we have friends from the April 9, 1950 investigating global warming.  The expedition hoped to discover if the globe was warming and therefore water supply was shrinking.  Mild weather in the East and the warmth of West-Canada had weathermen both puzzled and suspicious. (Note:  I think that the current concern is that the globe is warming and the water supply is growing.) Someone maybe should have told the expedition that the northern hemisphere usually begins to warm starting around April or May. 

To Read the Full Article Click Here.

See the last paragraph for a classic 1950s justification for a woman being on the expedition, she is going to "paint and sketch."  We have come a long way.

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