Friday, February 21, 2014

WhatsApp and the Early Adopter - Because the Alternative is Just Unconscionable

With the sale of WhatsApp to Google for billions of dollars I was a'wishing that I had been one of those people that thought to myself, "Let's invest in a messaging service called, WhatsApp - a name that is a  question and a play on words!  Win win!"  If I had, I would have been one of those innovators and early adopters that are now exceedingly wealthy.

If 19 billion reasons are not incentive enough to be an early adopter, there are a lot of other, less tangible reasons including becoming popular with your friends, school chums and colleagues.  You'll be the toast of the town!

Early adopters are people that are the first on the bandwagon and ride through the streets sharing the good word about bands and wagons with all who will listen. 

Some of the greatest people were early adopters.

Think upon our forefathers - setting the trend for liberty before it was popular.  Up until that time royalty was all the rage.  "Not so fast," says G. Washington, "It's called America the free for a reason."

Then we turn to the great Steve J., who thought maybe a computer could run efficiently, be cool, and not take thirty minutes to start up.  "We will call it, an Apple," says Jobs.

Consider the great Susan B Anthony - an early adopter of the radical idea voting wasn't just a good ole' boys club.  "It seems odd," says Lady Anthony, "that whilst we art also human, yet no vote."

Now think upon the alternative and being on the right side of history?  Who would you rather be - the one who calls for moderation in the face of a free America?  Or waits half of eternity to check your email?  Or calls for additional consideration because is voting really for everyone?

When something comes on the scene, and your gut tells you it's good and it's here to stay - Be a trend setter, and early adopter and tell all your friends, because early adopters are never left behind!  What opportunities for early adoption are there today?  Share below!

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